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Teak Pyramid

Teak Pyramid

Made of 100% teak, handmade, sawed into 5cm x 5cm triangular 3D squares. The 3D design effect not only looks cool, but enhances audio quality making it a great addition to AV rooms, restaurants and bar interiors.

square feet per box: 15.5
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per sq feet

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Dimensions: L 47.75” x W 11.75” x T 0.86″
Material: Engineered Reclaimed Wood
Product Type: Panels
Panels per Carton: 4
Sq Feet per Carton: 15.5

100% teak wood, cut 5x5cm square, with nicely geometrically sawn handmade processing.

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Acoustics Enhancement

Wood wall panelings have excellent sound-absorbing properties and are also a great insulator.

Sustainable, hand crafted and unique

By repurposing wood, we let trees and forests thrive. Our products are the opposite of mass-produced materials and it shows. Every piece of wood we repurpose has a story, bringing beauty and character to your project.

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