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What materials/types of wood do we use for making wall panels?

Durable Indonesian hardwoods including Teak, Suar, Mahogany, and Mango reclaimed from derelict houses, boats, and waste from sawmills and furniture factories.

What are the options for wooden panel finishing?

Any water or spirit-based varnish. As well as waterproofing the wood it also makes the wood look richer and thus enhances the natural look.

Are the panels ecological?

Yes, the panels are made of reclaimed and recycled teak wood sourced from unused fishing boats and barns from East Java, Indonesia.

Do the panels have acoustic properties?

Yes, good acoustic properties (sound absorption), suitable for AV rooms.

Can the panels be installed outdoors?

Not recommended

Is it possible to install the panels in kitchens?

Yes, as a backsplash, and as long as it is finished with either a water or oil-based varnish.

Is it possible to install the panels on the fireplace wall?

Yes, the panels can install around the fireplace.

Is it possible to cut to size?


Is it possible to design a custom-made panel?


Are the panels made to order or do we have panels ready to ship?

Ready to ship

How to clean the panels?

The panels are easy to clean and don't require any specific product or process. It can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.