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  • 100% Sustainability

    By repurposing wood, we let trees and forests thrive.

  • 100% Hand crafted

    From our artisans and fishermans who put their heart into our products.

  • 100% Unique

    Every piece of wood has its own characteristics and so does every project we make.

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First ask for a sample, it's easier to understand the color, texture and quality of our product. Second, ask us for a quote.
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  • Deborah

    Rating 5.0
    Exactly what we were looking for. Brushed a little lemon oil to brighten up the natural wood. Wayfair customer service was excellent. Was sent the wrong items originally(warehouse sent 2 cases of the sample squares by mistake) but c.s. made good by giving me a 10% discount for the inconvenience. Love the way it turned out!

  • Bonnie

    5.0 Rating
    Absolutely a great value and spectacular results. I could not be happier. I did a progress pic so you can see before and after. I also took a close up pic so you can see before and after I applied oil. If you really want this teak to be spectacular, use Dutch oil. I brushed it on thick (one coat) it really deepens and enhances the natural colors. I used natural color Dutch oil. It is plenty dark. But if you want it darker, it has color options. This wood is worth EVERY.

  • Derek

    5.0 Review
    Very cool product. We stained it, so it looks darker in our photo, verse what you will receive. Pretty easy to assemble so you don’t see the individual panels.

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